Medical tests

Medical test are sometimes needed to confirm a diagnosis or to give scientific evidence in investigating your symptoms....

Specialist referrals

Dr Sindi has an extensive network of specialists she can refer you to, but only if you absolutely need to...

Preventive medicine

Prevention is better than cure, and Dr Sindi applies a holistic approach to your well-being....

Medical checkups

It's highly recommended to visit Dr Sindi annually to review your health and well-being to ensure the longest life possible...

Chronic illness

A chronic illness is a condition that persists for 3 months or more. Dr Sindi will guide you through all...

Acute conditions

Acute conditions refer to an illness that has a sudden onset and has a short duration. Dr Sindi asses the...

The Practice

Striving for excellence
in quality healthcare

Dr Sindi's patients say she is...







Sidebar with Sindi - Kaya FM

Presented by Dr Sindi. This no holds barred show discusses everything, from general health, sexuality, mental health to living with HIV and everything in-between....


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