About Dr Sindi

General Medical Practitioner
Social media activist
Public speaker

Dr Sindi van Zyl

Dr Sindi was born and bred in Harare, Zimbabwe. Her mother was from KZN and her father from Zimbabwe. She moved to South Africa to study medicine at the University of Pretoria. She has always known she wanted to help people and at the tender age of 4 knew it would be by being a medical doctor. Today Dr Sindi is “multi-passioned” with medicine as her first love, radio broadcasting her second love and a combination of social media and writing a close third.


On Monday to Thursday from 7 – 8pm, Dr Sindi hosts “Sidebar with Sindi” on Johannesburg’s KayaFM – Home of the Afropolitan and has been a columnist for Bona Magazine since July 2014, penning “Dear Dr Sindi“.


Dr Sindi practices as a medical GP on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10h00 – 14h30 at the acclaimed Arwyp Medical Suites in Kempton Park and on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Docs4Health in Bedfordview (19 Bradford Road) from 09h30 – 14h30, both accepting all medical aids.


Dr Sindi is also a renowned public speaker, with a passion to inspire and educate through the power of her diverse experiences. From dealing with tragedy, medical advancements in primary care to mental wellness, she has extensive experience in driving both public and corporate messages through clearly and effectively.

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